USVISA President

President Hillaren Frederick

2011 - Present

President Frederick began his football career as a referee. In 1995, he was given the reigns and he excelled in that area of football. By 2000, he was the youngest FIFA International referee from the US Virgin Islands. A few years later he began administering the sport as the Executive Committee's Administrative Secretary. During this time he proved his ability to administer the sport. In 2011, Mr. Frederick was elected as the President of the USVI Soccer Association, he has worked tirelessly to implement new programs and improve the others.

2016- Present CONCACAF Competitions Organizing Committee

2012-2016 FIFA and CONCACAF Match Commissioner

2012-2016 CFU Executive Committee Memeber

2012- 2016 FIFA and CONCACAF Beach Soccer Committee

Lishati Bailey
General Secretary
2017 - Present

Mr. Lishati Bailey has been in football all of his life. He represented the US Virgin Islands at the highest level on our Senior Men's National team as a star athlete. His passion for football has been nurtured by his father USVISA Technical Director, Mr. Eustace "Simba" Bailey.

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